Remember when you were a kid? Exploring your backyard for hidden treasures...

For those of us who climbed through snow drifts dreamed to be ancient tunnels, scaled discarded rock-piles imagined to be sheer cliffs, and stumbled through country streams, envisioned as terrifying rapids set among wild untamed jungles... this game is built for us.

Adults are simply children who have grown up.  We still have a passion for the unexplored and a deep desire to once again revisit the lost worlds that filled our imagination when we were younger.  Fortune Before Glory is set utilize the HTC Vive in exactly that sense... to give the gamer an experience unlike any other.  Give them a chance to solve ancient puzzles hidden deep within forgotten cities across the globe... in search of fortunes beyond your wildest dreams.


Unreal Engine 4


Built in Unreal Engine 4, Fortune Before Glory takes full advantage of the state-of-the-art lighting and shading technologies that UE4 has to offer. With absolutely stunning environments and level design, Fortune Before Glory looks to take the gamers sense of presence and immersion to the next level by creating one of the the absolute best possible game experiences in virtual reality and with the HTC Vive.



What To Expect


Fortune Before Glory is an action-puzzle style game specifically designed for virtual reality and the HTC Vive. Combining a mix of combat and strategy, this thrilling first-person shooter takes gamers into the life of Raymond James, an ex-spy trying to uncover his mysterious past life.

Throughout the story, Raymond begins to lose control on his mental state-of-mind as the Curse he once thought was nothing but a hoax begins to slowly and completely take over his mental psyche. Join Raymond on his quest far and wide through lost deserts and tropical forests as he searches to find the mystical ruins which may hold the answers to Raymond’s past and the curse that has now fully consumed him.

Team up with your friend in co-op multiplayer (currently in development) and take on the ancient ruins. One wrong step may cost you your life.

Join Raymond James on his mission to cure the curse and uncover his past!



Help Fund It And You Can Play It


First thing's first: we're building a demo. Demos are an important step in finding a publisher, and so we're building a working demo which highlights most of the major features of the game.

But in truth, building games is expensive... even demos.  Every sourced asset, every sound effect, every voice... they all cost money.  And if you need freelancers to expedite the game's completion, that takes money too.  We've got high hopes for Fortune Before Glory, but we can only move so fast, and we can only self-fund so much of the parts and pieces which makes up a game.  So we're looking for funding.  Money sucks... but it's also a necessity. Help us bring Raymond James to life!